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We’ve scanned through the #FreshFactor of college students across 11 cities in India and narrowed down to these 22 amazing finalists for the National Finale, who truly bowled us over with their talent, personality and charm. Thank you for showing them your support through your votes, likes and shares! Voting has now officially closed for Livon Times Fresh Face Season 11!



Diwas Kaushik

I wasn’t born with my #FreshFactor, but I had the fire in me to find it and hone it. I’m not just a writer, rapper, singer or dancer – I’m a performer and my only hobby is to entertain the crowd!

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Sukanya Girish

I express myself in words and show it to the world through my Rap. I’m not just a Singer or Dancer, I’m an Entertainer! I’m always the odd one out, but that’s what makes me stand out from the crowd!


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Anshit Khandelwal

My fresh factor is versatility, which covers my interest for fitness, dance and other forms of entertainment. I won the Delhi Finale because of my confidence and out of the box thinking abilities.

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Jhanvi Goyal

Music has the amazing ability to make me happy from within and as a performer, I take that happiness and spread it to my audience through my performances. My fresh factor is that I am the perfect blend of personality and talent!



Rudransh Gupta

Music is my passion,my life, and the source of my #FreshFactor. I am a perfectionist, who can mesmerize anyone and make them feel what I want them to through my multi vocal musical skills, across forms and languages.


Yukti Chugh

My #FreshFactor lies in innovating and make things my own. Everything I do is fresh and new – be it dancing in the water or the air. I have a new hobby everyday and I work it to perfection. A performer who never gives up and only goes up.



Shah Faisal

My #FreshFactor is the ability to communicate in different languages and transform myself to become whoever someone wants me to be – different voices, different tongues. Which Faisal would you like to meet?


Bipasha Barua

I am a power packed bundle of entertainment, and I can create a fun environment wherever I go. I am the Bollywood bug that never goes out of energy, and I love dancing, poetry and reading.


Anshul Sabharwal

Anshul Sabharwal

I always surround myself with down to earth, real people who keep me grounded. On the other hand, I also know I can dazzle you with my dapper personality. Striking the perfect balance confidence and humility the two is my #FreshFactor!

Vaishali Thakur

Vaishali Thakur

My fresh factor is to mesmerize the audience with my beautiful dance moves and surprise them with my ravishing expressions. When I’m not dancing, I’m always learning something new and to implement it in my life.


Sachin Soni

Sachin Soni

I’m a versatile performer who prides himself in being an all-rounder! My #FreshFactor is that I am always learning and experimenting with exciting new things, and everything I do, I do with perfect confidence and charm.


Prithivee Rajesh

My #FreshFactor is being able to communicate all my thoughts, feelings and emotions through the amazing power of music. I act, I dance, I write songs, and one of my happiest feelings in the world is playing with my dogs!



Andre Mathews

With the aspiration to become an actor one day, Andre’s #FreshFactor lies in his ability to transform himself into a wide range of diverse characters. He loves singing, dancing, strumming on his guitar and loves sports!


Keertana Kandrakota

A badass singer, guitarist and Royal Enfield rider, driven by passion for her art and compassion for the world around her. This perfect combination builds her unique identity and embodies her #FreshFactor.



Afzal Siddique

I never act. I simply summon the real animal within me, to take over the stage. That is my #FreshFactor. Other than acting my hobbies are writing poetry and memorizing monologues, but my biggest hobby is to dream. I dream about goals. Always.


Jayati Jha

I am a focused and driven person, but also a blend of an extroverted ‘live in the moment’ girl. My fresh factor is my limitless energy and most importantly how I channel it to make the best out of it.



Harsh Khatri

As a singer, I always find it easiest to express myself through music. My #FreshFactor is the ability to hypnotise people with my voice. And I’m thankful for the opportunity to follow my passion everyday!


Anushka Dhillon

My #Fresh Factor is my super strength – when the going gets tough, Anushka gets going! As a trained Kathak Dancer, music is always my favourite escape and motivator. I love dancing, writing poems, horse riding and swimming.



Shabbir Patrawala

I’m an actor by day, a writer by night. My #FreshFactor lies in turning my fiction into action. I aspire to bridge the gap between ‘a pen is mightier’ and ‘actions speak louder’. I also love travelling, trekking, binging on movies, and reading – lots of reading.


Ivanka Irani

I’m an actor and an entertainer. My #FreshFactor is my strong personality! I engage with powerful roles, because I really enjoy bringing those characters to life. I heavily advocate working out to stay healthy, and strive to live a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle.



Nabeel Khan

When I’m playing my music, the whole world around me disappears and it’s just me and my tunes. It is this ability to lose myself in my music, that is my #FreshFactor. I love to see the power of music and how it brings people together.


Pradnya Motghare

Quitting is a word that doesn’t exist in my dictionary. If there’s something I want, I will chase it till I have achieved it. Giving up is not an option for me and that’s my #FreshFactor! I love singing, dancing and everything else related to music!