Terms and Conditions

Bennett, Coleman & Co. Limited (BCCL) (hereinafter referred to as BCCL) is a company within the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, having its Registered Office at The Times of India Building, Dr. D.N. Road, Mumbai 400 001

By participating in the ‘Livon Times Fresh Face Season 11’ (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Contest’), you accept and agree that you are of the minimum age of 18 years or you are participating with the due permission of your legal guardian and accept, agree and remain abide to the following terms and conditions:-

  • 1. The contest shall be known as Livon Times Fresh Face Season 11 and final stage shall be held only in February 2019.
  • 2. The Contest is organized managed and conducted by BCCL and its group companies.
  • 3. This Contest is subject to BCCL’s policies and other conditions.
  • 4. The duration of the contest is from September 2018 to Feb 2019.
  • 5. This Contest is a hunt for the most talented boy and girl from Indian colleges
  • 6. The competition will have four stages – college stage, semifinal stage, city final stage and a grand finale stage. This entry form is only for the college stage of the competition being held in the respective institutes. However, BCCL reserves the right for allowing wild card entries at any stage prior to final stage. Short listed participants will move into the semifinal stage where they will be evaluated by such judges to be chosen by BCCL at their sole discretion, in such a manner as BCCL deems fit and necessary. This will be followed by a final stage where the city winners will be selected by the panel of judges to be appointed by BCCL and their decision shall be final and binding. The city winners shall participate in the grand finale. In case the winners fail/refuse to participate the runner up shall be adjudged as the winner who shall in turn participate in the grand finale. The cost of travelling, lodging and boarding at the grand finale shall be borne by BCCL.
  • 7. All posts / texts/ images posted on Times Fresh Face Facebook page, twitter page or sent to timesfreshface@timesgroup.com shall be subject to applicable laws, BCCL policies, Facebook policies, twitter policy and Public policy.
  • 8. All documents / posts / texts / images / videos received or created by BCCL or its group companies during the Contest shall remain the property of BCCL. BCCL shall have right to utilize the same at its sole discretion which no contestants shall oppose or claim any right over it. BCCL reserves the right to publish or upload the picture and profile of the Participants in relation to the Contest at its website or Facebook page or in its promotional activities without any consideration and further notice to the Participant.
  • 10. Decision of the Management of BCCL is final and no correspondence or any other claims whatsoever, in this regard will be entertained.
  • 11. The Prize is subject to the laws of India and deduction of taxes, levies and other statutory payments shall be as applicable and borne solely by the Winner and paid for by the Winner.
  • 12. BCCL does not give any warranty or guarantee concerning the quality, redeem ability of such gift vouchers, suitability or merchantability of any prize and BCCL or its management, directors, officers, agents, representatives shall not be responsible for or liable (including but not limited to the Product and Service Liabilities) for deficiency and/ or defect of any product/service given as the prize or any kind of consequential damages/ loss, in any manner whatsoever.
  • 13. All right, title and interest, including but not limited to the Intellectual Property Rights, in the promotional material(s) and / or images, posts, texts, videos or any such material submitted by the contestants shall vest solely and exclusively with BCCL at all times.
  • 14. BCCL reserves the right to change, alter or cancel this Contest in part or full, or change any or all of the terms and conditions that are applicable, without giving prior intimation/notice of any kind and will not be liable for any consequential losses/damages. Decision of BCCL in this regard and in general with respect to this Contest and the Terms & Conditions thereto shall be final, binding and non-contestable.
  • 15. Nothing contained herein amounts to a commitment or representation by BCCL to conduct further or other schemes.
  • 16. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai only.
  • 17. Images/ Pictures/ Photographs displayed in the promotional campaign for the Contest are for reference only.
  • 18. Gifts are subject to the laws prevailing in the country, including regulations as may be applicable to the winner. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • 19. Participants’ entering the Contest shall be deemed as his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • 20. Gifts cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash; no cash claim can be made in lieu of the gifts.
  • 21. Winners shall not conceal or misrepresent any information during the scrutiny or otherwise, failing which the participant shall be disqualified for participating in the Contest.
  • 22. In the event the any winner fails to be present for award ceremony and collect the gift and momento on the day and time mentioned by BCCL, the gift may be forfeited by BCCL and the participant shall have no right or objection on it. BCCL may change date and time to be present at the engagement or activity and may inform the participants accordingly.
  • 23. BENNETT COLEMAN & CO reserves the right to withdraw &/or alter any of the terms & conditions of this Contest at any time without prior notice.
  • 24. Interpretation of Rules and Regulations and terms & conditions for any legal issue will be considered only in English
  • 25. The national winners, i.e one girl and one boy, may get a chance to be featured in the digital campaign by Livon & Set Wet (‘the Brand’) respectively. The Brand and BCCL reserve the right to modify or cancel the gratification at any time at their absolute discretion without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever. The selected national winners shall be abide by further instructions or terms  of the Brand and / or BCCL in the course of digital campaign, and may have to execute necessary documentation for the said purpose.
  • 26. BCCL or its group companies shall have the right to send communication and/or to contact all those registering on website or on-ground in relation to promotion of any of its products/events/ subscriptions in any manner whatsoever.